When struggeling with the models for data that we do not even know of, we came up with the idea of extending a universal data model from Party-Party relations to almost Anything-Anything relations.
And found it a valuable start to build a database of things, items relations and events that seem important in a certain area of expertise. And so we can use the same structure for technical descriptions (like machines, their specs, their drivers, technicians, insurance and so forth) or management of a Kindergarten.

I like to share some thoughts, some pictures and demos and get into a discussion about preparing for more unstructured data to come and hit the FileMaker bottom line...
[Volker Krambrich, NORSULT]

A short update closer to the Event...
We will discuss ideas for other views of modeling data. The 'traditional' approach is to create a field called according to its contents and assume the user will appropriate information. Like calling a field "Phone Number" and expecting a phone number to be entered. One other approach would be to have a table of Value–Key pairs attached to the same item that had the Phone Number field attached. What are the pros and cons – and most important, what new ways of looking into data would respective approaches offer.

Come, hear and see about some examples and share your thoughts and insight!

[Volker Krambrich, NORSULT 15 MAY 2013]