What you need to have and know to have a team of developers work on the same project at the same time efficiently

Whether you have a team of developers or are just considering building one, you may be interested what it takes to have multiple people involved in the same project and how to make sure it actually works for the advantage for you and your clients.

Come to learn how the 24U's FileMaker development team works together and what are the typical issues you need to know about before considering team development for your projects.


  1. Introduction
  2. Pros/Cons of Team Development
  3. Development Tools for Teams
  4. Developing with FileMaker Server
  5. Local vs. Development Server vs. Production Server
  6. Conventions, Technical Documentation
  7. Developer Collisions
  8. Tales for Males
  9. Open Discussion
  10. Summary

Updated slides from this session are now available. Click here to watch the presentation at HOnza's blog