FM Meme

An attempt of "learning by seeing"

According to wikipedia (or the Merriam Webster Dictionary, if you like) a meme is "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.…".
Since we meet to share what we like, this would be the best place to give something away and present yourself in the best possible light (well, in terms of interface design).

Often, you're done with the internal work but now you face the bigger challenge, designing the user interface for your solution. So, up until the event itself we will ask for your best (or most useful) interface-designs for showing them in a session altogether. It was never easier to make a good impression ;o)

You're more than welcome to send screenshots with a short explanation to pixi , who will handle all the digital stuff.
More than the pictures (and even much better!), we'd love to see short screencasts explaining the whys and whats. 3 to 5 minutes would be great!

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