FMChallenge: Creating a Merge letter system using ExecuteSQL

An ongoing collaboration.

Using the new features introduced in FileMaker 12 is quite exciting but sometimes a bit hard to learn (when all you speak is FileMaker).
Since the ExecuteSQL function opens a new way of putting data together, it might not only be a good example to learn but also an evolution to a problem nearly everyone has stumbled upon - merging text.
Sitting together and thinking about different ways might be more productive than anything else and therefore we'd like to invite everyone (attendee or not) to participate in the work.

This session is meant to:
  1. put the character of this event back to its core.
  2. have a real outcome of an conference, un-conference, meetup etc.
  3. bring brilliant minds (yes, you!) together and think and work together on a challenge.

We've prepared two file here:
They're both identical except the first one contains just 10 Data-records to work with and the second one contains 100.000 records to import afterwards to check for heavy load.

Detailed informations can be found within the file and if you have any questions don't hesistate to contact us.
We would like to see YOU attending and YOUR WAY of meeting this challenge!

The result may be released to the community as a special gift from the creators.

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