I would like to discuss the pros and cons of unstorred calculations vs. stored data ( which are calculated by scripts e.g. by script triggers). Which is the best practise? What is your expierience?

Unstored calculations
- they always provided the right values
- you can rely on them

- there are slow
- it's pain in the ass, when they are used in lists with summaries
- searches are slow
- not usable as foreign key

Stored data
- fast for searches
- faster than unstored calculations when used in summaries
- usable as foreign key
- better debugging if you allow data changes only per script

- sometimes hard to control the update of data
- sometimes slower user interface ( fast data entry in line items could be thwarted by scripttriggers in price and amount, which update the line item total and the grand total )
- can you everytime rely on the data? (what happens if data where changed out of your scope)