BREAKING NEWS: In the spirit of this unconference, I have decided to provide the fully functional fmWorkMate BETA for FREE - perhaps in return you may have feedback / ideas to help with development and web forum, community, etc. - Let's Make FileMaker work!

Over the last 5 years (or so) I have been developing a set of expert FileMaker developer tools on the side for my daily work - and it is at last time for it to come out of the closet(1)!

I shall introduce the tools with a presentation and a demo, you can have a copy(*) and we can discuss the tool's use, development and future.
  • A new toolbox of productivity tools that will change the way you work
  • Do AMAZING things with Copy & Paste and a little (or a lot of) XSLT

Here is taster:


Presentation's shaping up nicely(2)!
Due to a somewhat large size, the presentation is available from

(1) This toolbox has been in development far too long, and it is a shame that so few people are using it!
(2) Say - a bit off topic, but still relevant - do you remember the old gimmicky Mac "speak" command of the last millennium with the scratchy voices and appalling intonation? Well, have you taken a look (or a listen(3)) recently? You may be impressed.
(3) "take a listen", who says take a listen? I think I have been away from blighty for too long! On the other hand, asking you to look at voices is also not necessarily helpful.