Optimization Madness

After publishing the Marvelous Optimization Formula and started focusing on performance optimization, people started to call HOnza "the Mad Optimizer".

In this session, HOnza will tell you about:
  • how he started fighting speed issues of the 24U's own information system back in 2007
  • how he reached his first marvelous optimization
  • the Marvelous Optimization Formula he unveiled
  • the 4-step optimization process that evolved from his research
  • 24U FM Bench, the tool that was developed to support the 4-step process
  • and last but not least... why most people still keep failing with their optimizations

You will learn not only how HOnza got mad about optimization, but most importantly, how you can avoid the common mistakes and finally succeed optimizing your solutions.

This session was recorded. Click here to watch the video at HOnza's blog