Client offload

FileMaker 12 product line (Pro, Go, Server) come with a bunch of new features. Some of them can seem secondary, but used in combination with each other, it allows a completely new way of designing solutions.

In this session I will show you how our system, FMSDIFM (stands for FileMaker Server, Do It For Me) has changed the way we design solutions, and how easy it is to implement.

Good news, we are coming to Berlin with a new, lighter version, that everyone can deploy without using our hosting services. For free of course.

Don't miss this session, especially if you want to hear me speak German (it's very funny according to my friends). No, truely, it will be in English, 'cause I'm not a Berliner ;)

Feel free to ask questions here or at fabrice [at]

EDIT : the free version is now downloadable from the above link. Do your homework before the conference: try the file, and bring your heaviest scripts so I can show you how FMSDIFM can help.